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A home is likely to be your single largest investment.  Every new and pre-owned home needs a professional home inspection. After all, who else is going to look out for your best interest?  Protect yourself with an unbiased professional Houston home inspection by Lone Star Home Inspections.  You will learn the true condition of the house prior to purchase.  The intent of the home inspection is to provide to you a detailed thorough evaluation of the mechanical and structural aspects of the house and identify those items which are "Deficient" as defined by the Texas Real Estate Commission. (refer to TREC GUIDELINES)
Every Houston home inspection focuses on three key elements.  We want to assure that the house is safe, sound, and sanitary.
Lone Star Home Inspections will evaluate the performance and condition of the foundation, site grading, roof covering, roof structure, attic, ceilings, walls, floors, fireplace(s), chimney(s), windows, doors.  The mechanical inspection includes the electrical system, heating and cooling equipment, ducts and vents, plumbing, water heater(s), and appliances.
You need to know what Inspectors will tell potential buyers.
A presale home inspection by Lone Star Home Inspections will reduce the probability of last minute complications which can adversely affect the sale. Properties with fewer unanswered questions will often sell faster.  Discovered defects which arise after the buyer makes an offer often can lead to delays and price renegotiation.
Almost all homes have defects which buyers will want the sellers to correct prior to the close of escrow.  When you know those defects in advance you can get reasonable repair estimates from contractors and provide that information to the buyers.  You may wish to have some of the items repaired prior to listing the property for sale.  A defect disclosure accompanied by a cost to correct provided by a reputable contractor can defuse a problem before it occurs.  The unknown possible cost always appears more threatening and risky than a known expense.
Full disclosure is always the best policy for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.  
Its to your advantage to obtain a high quality, thorough, unbiased Houston home inspection from Lone Star Home Inspections.  
Pricing is dependant on the size, location, and additional features of the residence.  The starting price for a 3/2/2 located in northern Harris County is $350.00 (Mechanical & Structural), if a WDI (Termite) report is required add $50.00.  Please call with the specifics of your house to receive an exact quote.  Beware of low cost inspectors.  There is a reason they are low cost.  In Texas the Inspectors license number will give you an idea how long they have been inspecting homes.
Additional inspection items, please call for a quote.
Sprinkler System
Swimming Pool
Termite Inspection/WDI Report
Fees are payable at the time of inspection by cash, check, or money order.
Thermal/Infra Red Energy Inspection
New Home
1 Year Warranty Insp.
Structural inspection only
Mechanical inspection only

Call for more information on these services.

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